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Russians decide to further intensify their airstrikes in Syria!

Despite the joint opposition of US & Europe to Russian airstrikes in Syria, Russia has decided to take it a step further. They have actually decided to target more places. Russians believe that there is no such thing as moderate opposition and Assad is the only solution.

Russians also destroyed one of the communications tower given to Free Syrian Army by the United States of America. David Cameron has openly spoken against the Russian airstrikes and understandably so since it was the UK which first trained and armed the so called rebels in Syria in the first place.

Is this something good for Syria, only time will tell! What are your views…Do you support it or do you think it would create even a further mess? One thing that is clear that there is no hope for Syrian people. Sadly their country has been destroyed by the Americans, British & Russians. The following picture sums up the life in Syria.

Syria Situation