Cigarettes banned in UK – Well almost!


After banning smoking in closed public places in UK several years ago, the UK government has gone a step further this time. A law has been introduced that bans smoking if there is a kid in the car.

Fines have been imposed for anyone found violating the law. This is only applicable in England and Wales whereas Scotland and Ireland are currently exempt from this. However there is a high possibility that both Scotland and Ireland will follow suit very soon!

£50 is the fine that would have to be paid by anyone who is found smoking in car in the presence of children. Not only this, if there is another adult in the car who didn’t stop the smoker from smoking, they would be fined too!

Is this taking the laws too far? Is UK becoming a nanny state? Or do you think the law is very reasonable and a necessity of time we live in?


Hindu Extremism – Dark face of India

Dark side of India

Non-Hindus have been banned from participating in local festivals in India’s city Kutch. Authorities have presented the argument of protecting the Hindus from evil non-hindus as the reason for such a ban.

According to the Indian media, a far right indian party is responsible for introducing this ban.  The festival lasts for 9 days and its done for giving homage to a Hindus goddess. Most participates wear colourful clothes and dance in the festival.

During the time of Nora Yatri, celebrations are held in several parts of India. Its common for Muslims and Christians to take part in this along side Hindus. However this time a condition has been placed for a person to enter this festival. Each person entering the festival will be sprayed with cow’s urine on their face and if they hesitate during this act, they would be expelled during this.

It has also been found that such a condition was present last year too, however it wasn’t really implemented strictly. However the Indian extremists have made it clear that this would be implemented fully.

Analysts are of the view that this will further stroke religious and ethnic tensions in an already divided society of India.


Islamophobic attacks in London up by a whopping 70%


Figures are out. Islamophobia is officially on the rise in the West. All this anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim rhetoric from the far-right and right parties has now bore fruit. Large number of Muslims in London & the rest of UK have reported in the past year of being harassed and attacked because of their religion.

Hundreds of Muslims especially women have reported harassment on the street because of their religious beliefs. This is just the number of crimes that have been reported. The sad reality is most crimes go unreported! Women have reported being spat on, their hijabs being ripped off, pushed and shoved, called a terrorist and even punched and kicked!

This is not surprising considering far right parties have been on the rise in Europe in the last few years. Their rhetoric has mostly been very anti-Muslim.

Emma Khan, owner of a very popular Hijab Shop in UK, told us that despite this harassment, she has had more customers this year than any other year. This is a positive sign that people haven’t given into the politics of fear and violence


Algerian Hacker – Palestinian Robin Hood


The Algerian hacker Hamza Bendelladj was taken into custody of law enforcement agencies of Bangkok. He will soon be extradited to US where the authorties allege that he stole millions from US banks. All of this was appearently done with the help of a virus co-authored by SpyEye. This worm peaked from during 2009 to 2011 when it infected millions of computers in US and elsewhere. The worm then enabled the attackers to steal login information of banks and other financial details.

Although there is no official proof but the supporters of Hamza claim that he stole from US banks and gave millions to charities in Palestine. It is said that he transferred up to 280,000,000 dollars into the bank accounts of charities working in Palestine.

He is also known as happy hacker since he was smiling when he was apprehended in Bangkok. The concept of stealing from rich and distributing it among the poor is nothing new. It has been practised by risk-taking brave individuals for centuries. Robin Hood is known for this behavior.

Since he has already pleaded guilty, he could face a sentence of 60+ years in prison and millions of dollars in fine!


India’s ruling party BJP involved in killing of a man by a Hindu mob for eating meat!

Indian Mob kills Man for eating beef

It has been found that the son of one of the most influential leaders of BJP was involved in inciting the riot that left a Muslim Indian Air Force Corporal lynched and dead on the street and his son with critical injuries in the hospital.

Thousands of Hindus gathered outside the house of a Muslim, dragged him out on the street, beat him with sticks and stones until he was dead. His young son was also beaten badly. All this because it was rumoured that they had beef in their house. This incident has been reported worldwide and is certainly a shameful incident for a country that claims itself to be World’s largest democracy.

The opposition party Congress has claimed that this was allowed to happen because BJP is involved in hate politics and divides the Indian society on the basis of religion. Indian Supreme Court ex Judge Mr Katchu has said cow is just an animal and cannot be someone’s mother. He also demanded that perpetrators of this incident be caught and punished.

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Russians decide to further intensify their airstrikes in Syria!

Despite the joint opposition of US & Europe to Russian airstrikes in Syria, Russia has decided to take it a step further. They have actually decided to target more places. Russians believe that there is no such thing as moderate opposition and Assad is the only solution.

Russians also destroyed one of the communications tower given to Free Syrian Army by the United States of America. David Cameron has openly spoken against the Russian airstrikes and understandably so since it was the UK which first trained and armed the so called rebels in Syria in the first place.

Is this something good for Syria, only time will tell! What are your views…Do you support it or do you think it would create even a further mess? One thing that is clear that there is no hope for Syrian people. Sadly their country has been destroyed by the Americans, British & Russians. The following picture sums up the life in Syria.

Syria Situation